Generac Generator Cost

The Generac Genertor's cost should include the cost of expert mechanical sercices. In this photo, the generator is fully compliant

What Do Generac Generators Cost?

The Generac Generator cost can vary depending on several factors such as the generator’s power capacity, features, installation requirements, and any additional accessories or services included. Additionally, market prices can fluctuate over time.

To give you a general idea, residential Generac generator’s costs typically range in price from a few thousand dollars to mega power options as high as fifteen thousand dollars. Crown Wheele can provide a Free home estimate to learn power requirements and offer several cost options.

While smaller standby generators with lower power capacities (around 7-10 kilowatts) will cost between $2,000 to $4,000, the costs of whole-house generators range between $7,000-$13,000 including installation and accessories. Many companies like to use low-ball tactics that exclude installation and materials. Our customers don’t care for surprises. Most Valpo and Chesterton homes require capacities between 14-26 kilowatts. Keep in mind that these prices are approximate and may vary. Crown Wheele offers financing options to keep it manageable.

It’s important to note that the cost of the generator itself doesn’t include installation expenses, permits, fuel connections, or any additional electrical work that may be required. These costs can vary significantly based on the complexity of the installation and the specific requirements of your location.

To get an accurate cost estimate for a Generac generator, it’s best to contact Crown Wheele. They can assess your needs, provide a detailed quote, and guide you through the entire process, including installation and any necessary permits or additional services.

To Learn more about Installation & What to Expect from Your Free Home Assessment, visit Generac Installation.

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The Generac Generator cost is looked at when it includes installation, permits, and all other fees
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What to Expect from Your Free Home Assessment

If you’re considering a Generac generator for your home, you’ll want a licensed, bonded, and insured Generac dealer to provide a home assessment. This consulting service will help you determine the right generator. For residents in Northwest Indiana, Crown Wheele provides this inspection, evaluation and consultation at no cost. This evaluation will save you lots of time and money!

Crown Wheele was selected by Generac for its commitment and certification in home mechanical and electrical services. The 75-year-old Valparaiso-based business is an expert at helping you find the right Generac backup generator system. As a licensed, bonded and insured Generac dealership, Crown Wheele is uniquely qualified to recommend the best and safest method of installing your generator.

To ensure you get the most from your Generac Home Assessment, follow these tips…

  • Make sure all decision-makers are present for the assessment. This is a large investment with many options to fit your unique needs.
  • Be ready to discuss why you want a Generac generator. Write a list of electrical devices and electrical loads you want to back up.
  • Crown Wheele will use this info to calculate and determine your standby power needs and which Generac will fit your requirements.
  • Think about where you want to position your Generac generator. The generator will need to be 18" from your home and a safe distance from doors, windows, and open-air intakes.
  • Take into consideration home associations and local restrictions when positioning your Generac. Crown Wheele is experienced and familiar with local guidelines, rules, and policies and can assure you are compliant.
  • Crown Wheele will assess your power needs followed by a walk around your home with you to discuss which electric loads you wish to back up, your budget and best location for your generator and transfer switch.
  • Once carefully assessed, Crown Wheele will calculate the total load to determine which generator will fit your needs and optimize your budget. A generator too small won't power all your appliances and it's wasteful to spend more money on a system that is more than you need.
  • Crown Wheele will use an iPad with an interactive app to help support your questions with useful tables. videos and tools. Your questions and goals are valued and significant in determining best practice solutions.
  • Crown Wheele will offer you a site survey and discuss with you local permit requirements and outline the installation process and talk to you about the next steps if you decide to move forward.
  • Crown Wheele assessment will include good- better- best options, accessories options, and maintenance plan offerings. You’ll also have online shopping options for added convenience.
  • Questions: Make sure you ask questions about the proposal. Ask about payment and Financing options, and tax incentives.